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Learn and revise the rules, routines and right of ways for the practical driving test using your mobile phone. Over 3 hours of practical tutorials with voice over instruction.

Everything you need to know to pass your practical driving test

Learning to drive is all about car control, rules of the road and routines.┬áDriving Coach, developed by a Grade A driving instructor, is a mobile app that can teach you the rules, routines and right of ways for practical driving situations you haven’t yet covered, and allows you to revise topics you have already covered in between your driving lessons.

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You should revise for every test you take

"Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance"

Why not revise for your practical driving test?

Learn Smarter

Learn at your own pace, in your own time, using interactive tutorials on your smart phone.

Pass Faster

Easily learn and revise between driving lessons to increase your chance of passing.

Save Money

Reduce the lessons you need – learn the rules, routines and right of ways before you get in the car.

Gain Confidence

Knowledge of rules, routines and right of ways will increase your confidence behind the wheel.

Split screen tutorials

UNIQUE TO DRIVING COACH each tutorial is shown with a split screen to improve your understanding of driving and the process of learning to drive. Showing both the position of the car, and the controls needed to drive it.

ROAD SIDE showing the road layout with road markings and road signs, the cars position, driver observations, and how to interact with other traffic.

CONTROLS SIDE showing individual car controls, mirrors and observation points, all highlighted in the order that they should be use for the driving test.

Levels of instruction

EACH TUTORIAL HAS three levels of voice over instruction, representing the levels of instruction given by a driving instructor on driving lessons.

BEGINNER level shows the tutorial with extra information, pausing the clip to give you a detailed explanation so you can learn and understand not just what to do, but why you should do it.

REVIEW level plays the tutorial at a more life-like speed giving basic instruction to help you quickly  revise the steps taken for each subject.

INDEPENDENT level has no voice over instruction and you will need to click through the controls needed to drive the car through each situation.

Interactive learning

VIEWING AT INDEPENDENT LEVEL the tutorial will pause before a required control action. You will have to press on the relevant control to progress with the tutorial. Clicking on the wrong area it will highlight red and the tutorial will continue to pause. Clicking the correct area in the routine, the control will highlight green and the tutorial will continue.

RESEARCH HAS SHOWN interactive learning maximises your ability to remember what you have learned. By clicking through a driving routine you will be able to remember each step and transfer that directly to physically driving the car, reducing the amount of help needed from a driving instructor.

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